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Harbour Road Upgrade Process

Kleinmond Harbour was built between 1938 and 1940.  It was well maintained for many years, but has become dilapidated and unsafe through the years in the pipeline now is a major revamp for the old harbour and construction will start in the month of February 2014. 

In the whole process the heritage of the harbour will play a determining role as the community is also involved a shareholders   For example, for many years a large winch was located at the top of the slipway – it fell into disrepair, has been removed and is currently being stored by the Municipality.

These pieces will eventually be displayed at the redevelopment of the heritage section, with the rebuilding of the”Vishuis” and other buildings. This development is also scheduled to begin shortly.

Wharfside Developments Kleinmond ( WDK)  purchased development land from the Municipality via a public process. In exchange for the land WDK undertook to improve civil services in the harbour area for the benefit of the wider community, as well as upgrade the harbour below and above the high-water mark. The ground is being transferred in three phases as the services are completed – the process is now in the final phase, which is the renovation of the harbour.

WSP, a marine engineering specialist, was appointed to design and manage the tender process and last week a local marine specialist company, Sea and Shore has been awarded the tender.

The third and final phase officially commenced, and is scheduled to be completed in four months. The following issues will be addressed:

1. The front breakwater wall will be repaired as a result of its condition

2. The harbour bowl will be dredged to remove all rocks and rubble

3. The front two breakwater walls will be repaired by removing or repairing the loose blocks

4. A jetty will be attached to the left-hand breakwater wall

5. A footpath will be built from the milkwood trees on the left, over the stream and up to the existing breakwater wall and new jetty

6. On the right-hand side the breakwater wall will be repaired, and a footpath will be built to it.

7. The slipway will be lengthened by 1.5 metres, and will be resurfaced to remove existing holes and cracks

8. The northern embankment of the harbour bowl under the parking area will be stabilised with gabions which can also act as seats. There will also be 2 garages for NSRI and other safety equipment. This development will also act as seating for shows to be held in the harbour such as  the Big Blues Festival   at the last weekend of February on the 28th

9. The coastal path will be connected from Laer Kusweg to the Palmiet side of the river

10. The fish-cleaning tables will be completely redone with water supply available and possibly shade netting if the project is approved. New toilets in the harbour as well as markers for navigation are also envisaged.

This is a large maintenance and upgrading project, and will make a substantial difference to the parties involved in the harbour. The development also demands the appointment of environmental experts; WDK has appointed Dr Johan Neethling, who previously monitored the harbour development, as the environmental expert for the duration of the project.  The project was approved by the environmental departments in 2008, and has now again been confirmed by them as an authorised project.

Certain projects which do not require specialist contractors have been removed from the tender documents and are being handled as community projects. This will certainly be to the advantage of the local community.


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